"Drink me" …

And come for a trip down a spider hole! I normally only post one image, but here’s four from this morning’s stroll with doggy through the bush, we go deep down the hole, will we ever come out? …

We slowly begin to shrink, and notice little things seem much bigger as we get immersed in our “photo-head”. The dog walks slow, I walk slower …

The tree bleeds amber sap in doggy shapes, urging us forward, for who knows what we’ll find next, or how small we’ll get …

We find ourselves walking through an alien world, where strange fingers reach down and touch the trees. Should be go back doggy, or should we stay? I do love it here, miles away from the reality of daily life.

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3 thoughts on “"Drink me" …

  1. Hi Anthony…great photos of nature. Nature is way more interesting than humans…and important too. Stick with it..make calendars and post cards…you can sell them ditigally online for downloading for computers and for printing off. No end to great ideas. Susan Thomson

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    1. Thank you for the encouragement Susan, I really appreciate it!
      I find talking with and photographing people at the market helps me overcome my shyness by pushing me way out of my boundaries – it makes me uncomfortable but exhilarated. I feel way less inhibited now than when I first started doing it.
      Similar thing with bushwalking, though I try to not be unsafe, I do test my limits sometimes. I much prefer to be out in the bush though, you never know what you will find 😀


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