Smashed Shores

Well, I thought I was ready to move on from Arthur River this post, but I took way more keepers than I expected! The amount of wood washed ashore in the form of large dead trees was amazing! I would love to know what kind of trees and how old they are! Are they all local or are some from Africa or even South America?!! Fortunately and rather unexpectedly, there wasn’t much plastic obviously present amongst the flotsam. What a place to beach-comb!!!

Looking south from Arthur River.
This one’s in colour .. there wasn’t much colour!!

Olympus/OM System OM1:
Olympus 75-300 f4.8-6.7 II ED MSC
M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-150mm F4.0-5.6 II,

In this latest series, I’ve been editing RAW images in DxO 6, then importing them into Photoshop CS6 to finish off with lovely sharp results. I’m trying out a variety of editing styles for something different from my usual editing mindset. Having had a break has been good for me, I’m trying to break away from old habits and interpret my captures with a new perspective. I’m also editing less photos in a session, taking more time with each one to see where it will lead, thus, fewer images per post.

I’m also trying to get to bed earlier because one Mr Ralphenstein prankster doggo introduced in an earlier post, has decided he doesn’t like sleeping in anymore, he’d rather get up early and randomly bark at nothing, just another of his pranks along with sock and underpant stealing and hiding – he’s worked out how to open drawers :/ Yep, he has a weird fettish. One sick but way too cute puppy!! LOL.

Thanks for visiting. Oh, one last thing, I listen to HEAPS of music while I drive every day, a massive variety of styles and bands, old and new. Just thought I’d share a recent ear-worm I discovered from 1971 that’s, well, lets just say a little left of centre.

If you have Spotify, search for the extended mix of “Hocus Pocus”, by Focus!

Makes me laugh every time I hear it! If you haven’t had enough, there’s also a 33.33 minute version on YouTube compiled of 50 years of concert footage from 1971 to 2021! I listened to it all one morning, my life hasn’t been the same since! Find it yourself if you must. You must!!

Cheers and happy yodelling. 😛

16 thoughts on “Smashed Shores

  1. Following along your most current adventure with an eye on the OM-1 results here.

    I am a big Canon user with a pretty large Canon kit. You’ve seen my web site so you know we are very active nature/wildlife photogs. To keep it short, neck surgery from too much gear and swamps has us looking at OM MFT.

    Nice work, and appreciate the DxO comments here about post work. I use Lightroom and all the DxO programs.

    Thanks again, Ted

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    1. My pleasure Ted, the previous post “fossil find” has some 100% cropped images if you want to pixel peep. I’m really happy with Olympus after shooting with Nikon for years, no looking back! Or sore shoulders 😉 I had a 2m high pull up banner printed from one of my Oly images, no complaints from the client, it looked great! If your not sure, maybe hunt down a good second hand EM1 II and a lens or two first to test the waters, the image quality is similar the the OM1. The 14-150 II lens is a budget all rounder lens, light, compact and weathersealed, probably my most used lens even thought it’s not “pro”. Cheers, Tone.

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  2. I would love to visit this wild and beautiful place, Tone! Wow. I would also like to know where the wood is from, it could be from thousands of miles away! Those dudes are trippy man, I remember that song though. I was 13 years young when it was recorded. The yodeling! 😂

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    1. Somehow I missed Focus in my youth, lets just say my parents weren’t very musically diverse, so glad I stumbled upon them. Another recent discovery is a ‘70s band called “Budgie”. I like surprises in music, ‘60s psychedelic rock and more recently “King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizards” who have a HUGE diverse catalogue! No yodelling though I don’t think :/

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      1. I’m 62 and have never heard of these bands, I must live under a rock, eh? 😂 60s and 70s music kick bum but I loooove the 80s music!


  3. The detail on these shots is incredible! I wonder if any research has been done to find out where they trees are from. Good to hear that there was hardly any plastic that washed ashore.
    Focus video is fun! 😀

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    1. Thanks Morgaine, it crossed my mind while I was there, so much HUGE driftwood! I could have loaded the ute up 😀 Glad you enjoyed Focus, very different but lots of fun in any language!!

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  4. As always Tone, great photos, really !
    About Hocus Pocus by Focus 🙂
    The one who flutes is Thijs van Leer, a Dutchman who can play the flute wonderfully.
    I don’t know if you also like calm and classically oriented music,
    if you like that you should definitely listen to his album Introspection, it’s something completely different from Focus,
    but maybe it will appeal to you.

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    1. Thanks, Im always on the hunt for fresh music so will dive down the rabbit hole! I did listen to much of Focus’ other music out of curiosity, a bit more subdued and classical compared to Hocus Pokus but I enjoy a huge variety of styles, depending on my mood. Cheers, Tone.

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    1. Thanks, There was certainly many big trees! Probably washed down the west coast rivers during floods – its the wettest part of the island – washed out to sea and then eventually returned to shore during storms. Seems like a massive waste of wood!

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