Meet Ralphie …

We picked up our new family member, 3 month old Labradoodle and ball of cuteness Ralphie on Boxing Day. When he’s not sleeping or being cuddled, he’s constantly on the go and a challenge to photograph but he’s settling in remarkably well!

On the way home we stopped by a pet store to get a few supplies and he picked out the toy below, worn out after his first big day in a strange house. To our surprise he’s slept right through the first two nights.

The next day was hot, damn HOT!! Topping out somewhere over 30 degrees C, so I put some cool water in a wading pool and, well, Ralphie wasn’t overly keen but it did cool him down.

I took the shots below shortly before dark tonight, with a big run in a paddock to wear him out. He seems to be liking his new home. Welcome to the family Ralphie.

30 thoughts on “Meet Ralphie …

  1. Hi Ralphie. : ) It seems you will be one of the lucky ones having a family that loves and adores you. Prepare for more photo shoots!
    Love those angel eyes peering upwards!

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    1. We’ve woken up this morning like having a two year old! Into everything, shoes, curtains, power cords, pillows, it’s like child proofing the house again. Don’t let those angel eyes deceive you 😉 So much fun!


      1. OH MY!! I was entirely deceived! Although feeling bad for you two, it is an adorable thought. I understand your woes there. We’ve had to raccoon-proof our house (Gypsy-proof). When we leave, Murph gets his cage locked with a gun lock – and we close Gypsy’s bedroom door (but she has attempted to use tools in the past)! We have child locks on the cabinets under the sink, no plants within digging reach, and now she knows how to open the refigerator, so we keep a strip of Gorilla tape there to seal it shut (if we remember). Following her trail of mild tampering and/or destruction is like looking at a Family Circle comic strip… we can see everywhere she’s been. Why are their messes so cute, Tas?! : ) Your sweet booger better stop chewing on those cords!


    1. He seems pretty smart, perhaps a little too smart. He gets his mind set on something – often something he shouldn’t be into – and it’s a challenge to distract him away from it! He can be very determined.

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  2. Oh my gosh, Ralphie is beautiful! My folks have the same breed but a blonde color hence her name is Blondie. These dogs are so smart and love people so much, great choice, Tone! ❤️

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    1. Thanks John. After two pound puppies – lastly the dominating and over protective Stormy, Ralphie is a refreshing change! He want’s to be everyone’s friend 😀 He’s already proving to be a mischief maker if not kept amused though, but it’s not hard to give him plenty of attention.

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  3. What is there not to love about Ralphie? The camera loves him! Nothing like having a canine mate when out on a photography foray, I say. Great photos.


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