On the way home from Derby some time ago now, we diverted via Mt Paris Dam.

Built in 1937 across the Cascade River using only shovels and wheelbarrows, the Mount Paris Dam Wall is the only surviving pillar and slab dam in Tasmania. Originally named the Morning Star Dam, an 11 Km water race connected it with the Mt Paris Mine.

The mine closed in 1970 and the dam fell into disuse. A hole was blasted into the 16 metre high wall in 1985 releasing the water and restoring the flow of the Cascade River. [Source]

Life’s been crazy since I posted a few weeks ago! Very busy at work leading up to Christmas (Happy Christmas if I fail to post again beforehand, nothing personal).

Mountain biking when the weather is good – which is rare this “summer”, but I managed to almost break my arm by colliding with a tree and swapping “bark”, not perturbed, the following week I managed a suspected cracked rib – after an incident free two hour ride which ended in an underwhelming slow fall onto my own elbow, just over my back fence! That was a week ago and I’m still very sore without pain meds but continuing to work collecting parcels.

A few night walks, dinners, parties, family gatherings and just slumping in front of the telly quite spent after work instead of engaging online with anyone or posting.

This past two weeks I’ve been going to bed around 10pm most nights (instead of my usual well after midnight routine) and getting up at 6am! Crazy hey!!

I haven’t been photographing much lately, a few birds in the bush and paddocks, plovers with chicks, some more pink flowers (keeping an eye on a new Orchid bud which is yet to open) and I’ve been using my new phone (Galaxy S22 Ultra) a bit but more on that later … maybe 😉 I have a backlog of images still to edit – and some I have edited but not yet posted.

This post took me four goes using little windows of time to edit photos and post over the last week. I don’t like the idea of throwing things up on my blog just for the sake of posting, I want to present quality content, even if that means waiting ;).

I’ve also been saving, researching and searching for a new second-hand ute (pickup/truck), settled on a Ford Ranger SuperCab, 2012-15 model but likely won’t be ready to buy for a few months yet. Prices of cars and in particular utes have gone crazy down here since Covid.

Speaking of the virus, I’ve been lucky enough to avoid getting it myself so-far, but had some very close calls with some close contacts around me!

Anyway, I’ll wrap up and head off to bed, it’s just gone 11pm here, another long day awaits!

22 thoughts on “Mt Paris Dam

    1. Thanks Michael, it looks a bit weird sitting in the bush, an odd slice of history. The area where the lake was has naturally rehabilitated with plants and other than the wall, now you wouldn’t know it had been dammed.


    1. Thanks Gradina, it was a great early morning experience and a place I’ve wanted to visit for many years. I was never sure exactly where it was and it still took some finding, even with Google’s guidance!


  1. Used car and truck prices went wild here too because of that damn virus, it’s ridiculous! I hope your rib heals up, Tone, go get some sleep!

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    1. Hi John! I had lamb spare ribs the other night eating out – you are what you eat right? It didn’t seem to help, lol. My wife bought a new Subaru XV in 2018, 80,000 odd kilometres later it’s worth more now than what she paid for it! I’m wondering if I should wait and see if the market settles again.
      Because I was on WP last night, after I posted I started looking, liking and commenting on some posts I’d missed … next thing it was 12.30am!

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      1. I think it’s the problem with getting the chips that run the cars these days because of covid. My truck was appraised at $20,000 and it’s a 2015 GMC with a 4.3 V-6. In magnificent condition by the way but I just wanted a price. I’ll never sell that truck and it’s paid for too. The new cars and trucks are now available here. I’ve never tried lamb…


  2. The header and the second photo ( with the low shutter speed ) are very beautiful ! not that the others are less.
    Take it easy Tone, health is more important than blogging.

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    1. Thanks Mark, this was the first time I used the OM-1’s in built ND filter – almost an after thought, it worked well.
      It seems like I’ve literally been throwing myself at life lately, a safety net might be handy! One of my favourite current tunes is “Lust for Life” by Iggy Pop 😀

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    1. Thanks Morgaine, I’ve wanted to visit here for many years, it was great to finally see it in early morning light, quite surreal.
      Thanks for the vibes, feeling instantly better already 😉 Stay safe … safer than me 😀

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  3. Loved your photos. You are so right about not wanting to just throw anything up on your blog. But I have been guilty of that when I realise two months have elapsed since my last post. Now that am working as a casual journalist, my writing is taken up with paid work! All the best for the festive season. Who knows we might even get a white Christmas in our part of the world! Lynn


  4. WOW … what a cool place to be with a camera. Excellent shots. I have two favorites … the first, with the doorway and light more visible and the B&W version which also has the door more prominent. All the best to you in 2023!


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