Mellow bloomin yellow

Longer days, more sun, spring rain, blooms, bulbs and blossom abound.

The valley has turned golden with the local Silver wattle exploding with yellow fluffy orbs.

Daffodils have woken from their cold winter slumber, pushed up through the soil and joined the yellow party.

A Pademelon poses for a portrait as the days draw out and warm.

Enjoy your day with a spring in your step.

17 thoughts on “Mellow bloomin yellow

    1. My daughter comes home from Canada on Monday! Three months looking after kids on Summer camp in Calgary and a month with friends and travelling, Vancouver, Montreal, Nova Scotia, Guelph. She’s had fun but looking forward to coming home 🙂

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      1. 20C is 68F, that’s not bad! It does get cold here because Vegas is in the High Desert. My home is 2800 feet above sea level. It can be in the 30s at night occasionally but not too often. Daytime temps can be good for short pants, a light jacket, and maybe even flip-flops. Nice!


      2. That’s 853 metres, I live at 300 metres, Mt Wellington behind me is roughly 1200 meters (3940 ft). I know you are surrounded by huge mountains too which would affect your climate. Because we are 42 degrees south, our seasons and length of daylight between winter and summer vary greatly.


  1. Thanks for broadening my knowledge with the pademelon. Not only to learn about the lovely animal but also to get a slight feel for the Aboriginal language from the name of the animal

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  2. Lovely photos. We just enjoyed five minutes of sunshine outside with a coffee. So wet here. Cannot venture too far without donning a pair of gumboots!


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