Ultimate Kodak collectable

In prime Elizabeth Street Mall, central Hobart, sits the original five storey “Kodak House” store, currently for sale! The ultimate trophy house for the avid Kodak collector.

Around the corner in Collins Street sits the more modern digital store which is also closed too.

20 thoughts on “Ultimate Kodak collectable

    1. I’ve always admired it’s fading facade over the years John, who would have thought Kodak would fade away! I hope the purchaser respects its history and maintains the exterior.

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      1. It never really crossed my mind until now, but they were one of the first to produce an affordable camera for the masses and also one of the first to produce a consumer digital camera, the D40.

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  1. Indeed a great looking building, nostalgic, but the photos are also nostalgic, and I mean especially the colors, they are great! Especially the photo that shows the street, as if photographed in the 50s with real Kodak film. Great Tone !

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    1. Thanks Marc, I took these in the early evening and tried to convey a vintage film look in editing. The colour of the building has faded over the years so I brought that out a little without being over zealous with the saturation. Handheld with the Pen-F, 14-150 zoom.

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  2. I like to think that George Eastman would be thrilled with your pictures as well as with that building (which has got to be as far from Rochester NY as one can get).


    1. Thanks Sandra, I’ve been meaning to shoot this building for some time and didn’t know it was for sale. I was intending to shoot it in daylight but went for a quick night walk while waiting for my daughter.

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