oDDs anD enDs

A few odd shots from the last few weeks I’ve been sitting on that didn’t fit.

Something different, something arty?

Looking for light.

No captions for the curious.

Are you curious?

Until next time 😀

20 thoughts on “oDDs anD enDs

    1. Thanks Mike, I used an “old film” filter in DxO for the night street scene, I don’t usually use pre-set filters but I thought it suited this shot and it looks pretty convincing.


      1. Indeed! Try driving for 5 hours every day, it soon teaches you not to let little things bother you. It makes not difference in the end how you choose to react, except to your own enjoyment and peace of mind 😀

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  1. All good, but the first two and the last two are my favorite. Indeed maybe different than we are used to from you, but certainly no less, and “Artsy” is indeed a good word here, I like it very much !


    1. Thanks Marc, I appreciate your thoughts 😀 I’ve been looking at things a little differently lately, especially with the Pen-F in hand. Not sure really why, it takes photos the same but the handling seems to evoke more creativity in me. Poor focusing in low light aside, it’s an absolute pleasure to ues!

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    1. Southern Hemisphere Robert, we’re through the other side! Wattles have just started blooming wonderful yellow fluffy flowers and it’s getting warmer 😀


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