(6 images) – The following photos were all taken with the Pen-F with 14-150mm F4.0-5.6 II from Rosny Hill on Hobart’s Eastern Shore a few weeks ago – June 17, I’m catching up on some editing.

This first image above was at 14mm, showing the vista across the River Derwent to Hobart and kunanyi/Mt Wellington. I began hunting for compositions within this frame using the zoom at 150mm.

Central Hobart
South Wellington
North of the summit
Collins Cap
Mt Faulkner – further up river from the first colour frame.

Only minor cropping, levels and dodge/burn were applied to jpegs out of camera.

Thanks for visiting, greetings from Tasmania 😀

12 thoughts on “Mountain views

  1. These are very beautiful photos, Tone! The city details are sharp and clear. The mountains so beautiful way up there, well done! ❤️🇦🇺

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    1. Thanks Morgaine, they often dance around the mountain, I love watching their ever changing shapes and the light coming through them but don’t often get a chance to stop, soak it in and share.

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