Hobart Fire House

I remember going on an excursion in Primary School to the Hobart Fire Station, I thought I’d take you on a little excursion too!

Original Fire Station built 1911
Building expansion in 1923 to the left.
Newer section built 2003
Command Centre
Engines about to roll

I’d been meaning to photograph the station for a while now and took the new section a few weeks ago waiting in a fast food carpark for my daughter – timed perfectly when they lifted the doors for the trucks to leave. I held off posting until I finally got some time before work to shoot the old section. (Olympus Pen-F 14-150mm II)

Thanks for visiting – smoke detectors save lives, make sure yours work and have fresh batteries yearly 😀

15 thoughts on “Hobart Fire House

    1. Most modern buildings are sparse compared to the old facades in the city but mostly they are maintaining the character of old Hobart by keeping facades and stepping back the new taller part. If you look at the truck window you can see a fireman sitting in it 🙂


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