The little things

Strangely beautiful and fascinating, like fungi, but not, I’m pretty new to the world of slime-moulds but keen to learn more, there are so many varieties! These are probably the most basic forms of “life” on our planet, though they are not plants nor animals. Possibly where it all started, out of the primordial swamp, possibly all that will be left if us humans don’t change our ways! Cells that work together, to hunt, feed, fruit and reproduce.

This last one is a fungi.

For overseas readers if you aren’t aware, on the weekend Australian’s voted for a change of government – with a seemingly more progressive attitude towards climate change and looking after it’s more vulnerable citizens, rather than pandering to the interests of big business.

It is still unclear if a majority government can be formed, or if the Greens and Independents will hold the balance of power. Either way, it is likely to be a much better outcome for Australia and the planet. Too little too late? Time will tell – it’s about time the paradigm shifted!
Here’s to the future, just a little brighter here than it was yesterday 😀

9 thoughts on “The little things

  1. They are amazing and beautiful, Tone, and a bit creepy too. I hope that you get the government that you are looking for. Politics just plain old suck no matter the country… 🇦🇺

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    1. I normally avoid discussing politics and religion on my blog, nowadays its too divisive and polarising. Were all kicking about on the same big ball floating through space, why can’t we all just get along and look after our life support system!


  2. I also thought the white moulds were ice before I began reading. So strange that there is a living thing not plant or animal that behaves like plants and animals.
    Great news on the political change! Definitely a step in the right direction which I hope other nations will emulate!

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    1. We’ve been behind the 8 ball for a while now, hopefully that will turn around quickly. This election saw a big swing away from both major parties with Greens and more so independents running on platforms of climate and corruption. I think most of us have had enough of divisive politics fuelled by mainstream media!

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