Another world

Moist, life springs forth, neither plant nor animal.
I hunt on the forest floor, nose to the ground, with the old dog.
She complains, I’m too slow for her, yet she can barely manage a step.
Quarry spotted, careful approach, I set up,
The heavy scent of damp earth calms me.
I take the shot, no lives lost, enjoy the moment, the peace, the planet.

It’s a strange little world.

19 thoughts on “Another world

    1. Thanks Anneli, I’m still learning from every shot and edit. The new camera captures more detail but to get the best out of them takes some editing. I’ve been developing my own presets which will make it easier πŸ™‚

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      1. For me it depends entirely on the subject, though I generally edit for a natural look with a little emotion thrown in for good measure. My editing is constantly evolving, it’s interesting to look back on.

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      2. Likewise. As long as it is in focus and within 3 or 4 stops of exposure, most other things can be recovered or fixed, but it is much easier to take your time and get it all close to right in camera.

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  1. The photos are great Tone, that’s for sure.
    But nobody seems to have paid attention to the beautiful writing with which this beautiful series of photos begins,
    it describes the event in a very poetic way.
    Very nicely written Tone, and definitely as beautiful as the photos!
    My favorite photo is no.2
    The composition, the sharpness of the fragile mushroom, and the blue color contrasting with the brown earthy colors,
    stunning !


    1. Thanks for the appreciation Marc, you picked a favorite of mine too, I held back on saturation and focused on detail, the colour is very similar to the eye. I love the little one’s in front, with one just peeping up from a hole! Like a family of fungi.

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