Shambles Wedding

Christie and Bernie hosted an entertaining surprise wedding for their guests at Shambles Brewery which I had the pleasure of photographing last week. Here are a few favourite shots from the evening.

The subdued lighting conditions were extremely challenging, I opted not to use a flash to be more discrete as they requested candid, non-posed shots.

Camera settings used were pushing the limits, with shutter speed at 1/60, any kind of moderate movement became an issue, fully open aperture of f2.8 limited depth of field making correct focus a challenge and ISO of 6400 left me with some noise to deal with, though the new OM-1 and OM Workspace AI Noise Reduction on low handled it pretty well without compromising much detail, any higher and I thought faces started to look plastic. I wasn’t overwhelmed but reasonably pleased with the final results given the circumstances.

After using OM Workspace more, I discovered that using “Tone Curve” instead of pushing “Highlight & Shadow” to regain details at both ends was much better at retaining colour definition and smoothness than what I demonstrated in my previous post – more like the Photoshop results.

These shots were first processed in Workspace, exported as tiff files, then finished off in Photoshop. Workspace lacks selective editing, layers and masks (unless I just haven’t found them yet) and more importantly, dodge and burn tools.

I also learnt some lessons and strategies about wedding and event photography from the experience to implement next time. I have offered the bride and groom a complimentary photo shoot if they would like some more portraits.

I’ve not had a chance to use the OM-1 since the wedding – a very busy week including a 3am marathon upgrading my PC to run Workspace AI noise reduction, late night editing, collecting hay for the ponies, moving and stacking several tonne of firewood, sorting new stock for my market stall which is currently booming and the usual work commitments. Kind of glad that week is behind me and hopefully start a few experiments and comparisons with the new camera to share soon 😀

Thanks for visiting and being patient.

7 thoughts on “Shambles Wedding

    1. Thanks Morgaine, They sure looked happy on the night! Of course it’s named after me, along with half-tones in printing and semi-tones in music 😉 My wife would say tone deaf is as well!

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  1. I really like the idea of not having posed pictures of a wedding. I understand if they’d want group photos or posed pictures later but during the wedding itself (and the party) it’s so nice to see the real thing. You see much better how people enjoyed themselves, and their personalties come through in those impromptu shots. Very nice pics!

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    1. Thanks Anneli, I should have got more shots of people coming in at the start with the bride and groom when there was still lots of daylight coming in through the big windows. That was my biggest lesson – get yourself a drink, have your photo taken and I’ll leave you alone 🙂 Most of the time I shot from the hip with the screen flipped out so I wasn’t obviously pointing a camera at people 😉

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  2. What fabulous photos. I love the unstaged feel. I have no doubt they are thrilled with your work. You have captured these amazing memories of their very happy event. Congratulations to Christie and Burnie! And to you, of course, Tone. Well done!

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