Focus on OM-1

A selection of images from the new digital camera – Olympus / OM System OM-1 from OM Digital Solutions Corporation. Is it just me that thinks some marketing work is required? Anyhow, none of that matters unless your trying to find the new camera on Google, does it take good photos?

The following images were taken using the Subject Detection feature set to cat, using the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12-40mm F2.8 PRO lens.

Stormy – Sunny outside cropped pretending she’s a cat.
Stormy – dark inside cropped
Benny Boy – morning cat walk along the road
Benny boy – day walk. Is that a cat?
Benny Boy loves sticks!
Benny – evening walk
Black Bunny Cat – low light distant
Bunny – Same image cropped at 100% pixel – click to zoom.
Even a Bennetts Wallaby thinks it’s a cat! Cropped 100% pixels, click to zoom.
Pademellon – can I be a cat too? Low light cropped 100% pixels. – click to zoom

A clear night to try out Stary Sky Auto Focus – works beautifully. This shot below of the Milky Way used the in-camera noise reduction and has been edited. Much less sensor noise and stuck pixels to deal with than the EM1 II.

Playing with flash in almost darkness, the OM-1’s Face and Eye detect which is oddly and awkwardly separated from Subject Detection, worked on this statue nicely. I’ve reprogrammed 2 of the 15+ programable buttons so I can quickly switch them on or off and chose the mode. I also changed the ISO button from just ISO to “Multi-Function”, so now I can select ISO, White Balance, Highlights and Shadows, Magnify, Live View and Peaking by holding the ISO button and turning the front wheel.

100% pixel crop.

And finally, because fellow blogger Anneli asked, a shameless selfie with the new OM-1. Taken in a mirror and flipped in processing.

I also went on a hike along the South Wellington track to “The Rocking Stone” and another to “Secret Fall”, more images soon, I’ve taken HEAPS … though I will be a little busy with a wedding.

Thanks for visiting! Comments, questions and suggestions welcome.

25 thoughts on “Focus on OM-1

  1. Wow, Tone, this camera does a fabulous job! Your skilled hands and knowledge work so well with the new toy! I look forward to the next set, be well! 🇦🇺

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    1. Thanks John, I‘m really enjoying learning the features of this little beast, easily the most advanced camera I’ve ever owned after cutting my teeth on usually the cheapest and most basic cameras. This one does much automatically that I would once try to achieve manually, it kind of feels like cheating.


      1. There’s a pretty good series of tools (according to reviews) by Topaz that includes sharpen AI and de-noise AI. Unfortunately my 10 year old first generation i7 PC isn’t up to spec to run them, so I haven’t used them myself 😦

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  2. Beautiful critter shots. I’ve never seen a Pademellon before. It’s a cute little critter. I was just reading that the Tasmanian Devils like dining on Pademellons.

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    1. Thanks Tim, Pademellons are very fluffy and cute, this one is pretty young and hangs around a neighbours house, I got fairly close befor it bounded off. I’m of the understanding that Devils rarely hunt and usually scavenge, they are lazy and don’t move that fast. My neighbour would tell you they’re noisy and smelly … they sometimes visit and live under his house! I’m glad they didn’t choose my house to live under!

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    1. Thanks Morgaine, I haven’t done much astro work so still figuring out the best way to edit them. From reading, it seems it’s better to over expose them as this one was, then drag everything back when editing so you get more detail like the space cloudy bits. Pretty sure that’s the technical term 😉


    1. Thanks Denise, his neck doesn’t turn unfortunately, I got him for this purpose years ago but have never used him before. I had the same action figure as a kid, but his legs broke off when I threw him up into a willow tree 😦 It’s funny the things you remember.


    1. Thanks 😊 Benny Boy is my neighbour’s dog who comes along mountain biking with us. Even after a 20km ride he still wants to keep going, we haven’t worn him out yet! He loves casing sticks.


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