Midnight Oil

I’m literally burning the midnight oil to bring you … Midnight Oil!
It’s 12.05 am, here, so only few words, enjoy the show …

Capped at 1500 patrons on the lawns of MONA, with the treat of rain. I honestly wasn’t expecting much, but was blown away by one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to!

Admiring Dave’s big torch.

The food was great! My mate may have had a wine or two before the show. As it got dark he disappeared off toward the stage somewhere.

I really like this shot – cartoon like!

A few songs later, my wife said I should go look for him … so off I went into the throng, not expecting to find him.

From here, I spotted the back of his head, standing on the rail … as an opening appeared through the crowd!

And there we were together, front row, in awe, going off our chops, culminating in a fantastic encore – thank you Midnight Oil and MONA!

All pics from the Samsung Galaxy S20.

And it didn’t rain. 28 January, 2022.
The next day at Salamanca Market, I sold a leather belt to the guitarist!

Thanks for dropping by … bye 😀

12 thoughts on “Midnight Oil

      1. Good live shows are always fun, even if the music is normally to your taste. The last concert I saw was Dumpstafunk in 2019. I did not know the group, they were fantastic in concert, but their music is not what I normally listen to, so I have not listened to them except for that exceptional live experience. That’s the way I like it.

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      2. Van Canto was a big surprise for me a few years ago … an acapella heavy metal “band” – amazingly brilliant and very different. Glad my mate dragged me along – look them up on YouTube or Spotify 😀

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    1. I wasn’t sure how well known they are outside Australia. While I have an album or two, I was not super into them and had never seen them live before. While it was LOUD, it was very well balanced with no distortion, you could hear every magic lyric. A night to remember!

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