The End is Nigh!

Let’s not get too dramatic, just an end of the year wrap up from me 😀

I’ve been somewhat quiet on the blogging front lately, so here’s some images from a hectic last few weeks of 2021, random things that caught my eye and I seized the chance for a quick shot! Let’s start with… mmm, breakfast!

Don’t cry over spilt milk – or oats, take a photo 🙂
Electric scooter hire hit Hobart, suddenly they’re everywhere!
Sitting in traffic hit Hobart during December too – bring on the scooters!
I’d rather be sitting here, admiring the rose and enjoying a wine!
Fresh fish and Chips on the wharf.
While I hate taggers, I enjoy some of the more colourful graffiti art.
Evening light and reflections from Victoria Street in Hobart. Mini alert!

The above was taken after we saw the premier of the new “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” movie which I really enjoyed, unlike the 2016 reboot.

When you’ve gotta go … but no! (Lucky the stalls still worked.)
Foxglove spreading through Tasmanian Bush! More on this in a future post.

I have a recent road-trip to Port Arthur and a bushwalk today to catch up on too – it’s not lack of content, simply a lack of time to do everything I want to do 😀

And now it’s bed time!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this eclectic collection of images.
Just one more day to go and it will be next year – make the most of it 🙂

19 thoughts on “The End is Nigh!

  1. Excellent photos. Traffic jamb are a pandemic. We got e-scooters in 2019, They were everywhere and then in early 2020 they disappeared as fast as they came. They were very annoying. The first day the e-scooters were available a woman got a DUI citation for riding it one drunk. They are treated like vehicles in our state the riders need to follow the traffic laws. People don’t seem to know that. Beautiful photos.

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      1. That sounds great! My back has settled down enough now that I’m walking without the cane, and 99% pain-free. Finally!


      2. Great to hear John! My knees still slightly swollen but feels pretty good. I’ve eased into a few more adventurous rides and a slow but challenging bush walk. Now I can say it … Happy New Year!!

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      3. That’s great! It’s easy to take being able to walk and ride for granted. Let’s not do this going forward, be well!


    1. Thanks Anneli, looking forward to more of your posts from Canada too! I think my daughter is keen on going back to Canada next year, so I guess a part of me will be closer than you think!! 😀 All the best.

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      1. We complain about the weather here – often four seasons in one day, but we don’t get the huge extremes and storms that occur in many parts of the world. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else 😀

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    1. Thanks Morgaine, they are pretty, but extremely invasive now in Tasmania. I pulled all of the new ones out of my paddock a few weeks ago, staying on top of them is never-ending. I want to get some more photos of them before I put a post together hopefully early next year. Have a great, creative and inspiring New Year, all the best 😀

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  2. Thanks for sharing December in your neck of the woods – the traffic woes are over the ditch as well, particularly as in mid Dec – my region Auckland were free to move north and south… and summer migration out of the city is a “must” except I’m not going anywhere this summer…
    E-scooters are here as well, maybe no so much now after the lockdowns but when they were, you were tripping over them… Accidents galore both on them and tripping over them.

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    1. Cheers! It doesn’t take much to bring all of Hobart to a standstill, there’s too many bottle necks with no alternative way around them, mainly due to the topography, wedged between the mountain and the river and a lack of foresight in early planning.
      I’ve already seen some dumbassery on the scooters, double dinking, no helmets, weaving through pedestrians on the footpath, darting through traffic – and It’s only been a week. Great idea spoilt by idiots. Have a great New Year 😀

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