Sky’s the limit

Hobart’s new “Parliament Square” opened a week or three ago. With clouds rolling across the glass, the reflected sky caught my eye while my minds eye imagined how I would edit them.

This year has rolled on too, with billionaires racing to punch holes in the sky, kind of making a mockery of this post’s heading, but hey, rich boys and their toys eh!

I hope you enjoyed Christmas if that’s your thing and scored some toys yourself. I spent a quiet one at home with close family and a few days off work mostly in the garden pulling weeds while relaxing – instead of publishing blog posts. I did catch up on the odd reader’s posts though 😀

Next week and it’s another new year – they seem to be racing away!
Be good, if you can’t be good, be good at it 😉 Thanks for visiting.

28 thoughts on “Sky’s the limit

  1. Looks like “Classical Glass!” Quite a “glassy” building. It does reflect well. Punning aside, it is an interesting building. It should keep a few window cleaners in business.


    1. Thanks Tim, the new “square” that’s not square and is mostly concrete with not much seating doesn’t seem like a place that will be used, except for passing through. Maybe it will be a good spot for reflection on how politicians and us are treating the world.

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      1. The original design had a big TV screen in it – don’t know why, I guess so they could beam Parliamentary sittings out there so the Pollies could sit in the square and see when they needed to run inside and vote or something. They must have figured that everyone would still be looking at their own little screen anyway – it never made sense to me!

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      2. They installed a giant TV in Civic Plaza in downtown Albuquerque to keep the entertained. I have a twisted mind, but it’s twisted the opposite direction of politico’s twisted minds. What they do and shouldn’t and down’t do and should are mind boggling.

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      3. What ever happened to real life and real entertainment? It’s a sad road we’re headed down … metaverse indeed, I think someone’s been watching The Matrix too much 😉

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    1. Thanks Anneli, my dog just got a big pat from you 😀 I’ve still been taking photos lately but not posting so much – watching too many good movies in the evening instead🍿 “Don’t look up” gets you thinking!
      I think my resolution should be to consume less and create more 😀


      1. 17!!! Wow! She’s doing well. And yes, I’m sure she would love the squirrels. I’m always having to keep an eye on Emma too, to make sure she doesn’t grab one, I haven’t seen any bears here lately (although they do come around), but I heard there is a cougar in the neighbourhood, which makes me very nervous. I’m sure Stormy is safer where she is.

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      2. Ha! All the things that can get her here are smaller than her – but no less dangerous! I saw two beautiful but deadly black Tiger Snakes about 5 ft long on our last two bike rides! Then there’s the damn spiders :/ Got to love Australia 😀

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    1. Not sure, this one creates a bad wind tunnel and a big shadow for most of the day now where my stall is in Salamanca Market – especially in winter! It’s really changed the dynamics of the street, even though it’s not that tall.


    1. Thanks Sandra, so do I, but it’s a shame it now blocks out the sun in the street on the other side (were I spend most Saturdays at the Market) – there used to be a three story art-deco style building here.

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