Ferns, fungi, and slime!

If you go into the woods today … you never know what you’ll find if you really take a look! Actually, these were taken on an amble over two weeks ago, but weddings and life got in the way …

Little red fungi
Sun hungry Orchids
Lovely textured yellow fungi
A fun little faerie forest of fungi
Yellow slime Mould growing on a tree
I think this is the same mould, a bit further developed on the same tree.
Another Slime Mould, this one is “fruiting”.

I call this the ‘Jurassic Track’ – it’s pretty much just out my back gate! Only a small patch of the hillside bush is like this, just the right amount of sun/shade for the magnificent carpet of ferns to thrive! A very subtle track runs through it which can also be ridden by mountain bike 🙂

Until this very wet spring, the bush was so dry even in winter after a few dry years, that the ferns and trees were really struggling. Almost all the understory greenery had died back, but now it is finally sprouting forth with beautiful abundance.

Go forth, and sprout in beautiful abundance 😀

37 thoughts on “Ferns, fungi, and slime!

    1. Thanks for the visit and your lovely comment Izzy, I’m enjoying your blog and learning about Wales. I think you will find many things in Tasmania that you won’t encounter in North Wales 😉
      My favorite fungi are Mycena interrupta – or little blue faerie parasoles, featured in a few posts on my site, like this one 😀

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  1. You get all kinds of cool fungi, orchids and even slime mold. I don’t thin I have ever seen non-human slime mold before.

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    1. Aside from clear jelly mould – which I previously thought was a fungi, I hadn’t seen any or even known about them until this post from last year, when I found some pretty red fruiting bodies that I still thought were fungi – until I was corrected in a Facebook Fungi group! The “Slime Mold Identification & Appreciation” group on FaceBook is absolutely fascinating and now has me looking out for them 😀

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      1. There’s a “Slime Mold Identification & Appreciation” group? I’ll be darned. It’s very dry out here, so I see few mushrooms and toadstools, and they don’t last long once the sun comes up. I have no idea if there is any type of slime mold, beside the human kind (of which we seem to have in abundance), around here.

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      2. Have a look in shady moist places, you may be surprised! I hope you don’t disturb any of the human kind though, the seem pretty common and are dangerous if provoked! ;P

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      3. Apparently, slime mold seeks the most efficient route to food, and I heard they used slime mold to assist in the design of the Tokyo subway system.

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      1. There are so many plants and animals from Tasmania that I never heard of. The information and film of the thylacine was fascinating. I still like to believe in a place not yet ruined by humans, there are ancient species still happily existing. 🙂

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      2. We’re very lucky here to have been relatively isolated for so long. “Europeans” have only had 200 odd years to wreck the place, but fortunately there are still large tracts particularly in the untamed south west that have largely been left untouched because of the rugged landscape. Who knows, perhaps the Tigers still dwell there? One lives in hope 😀

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    1. Thank you 🙂 My friend/neighbour Evan printed out about 30 of my fungi pics on A3 some time ago and has them all on his loungeroom wall. They do look good all together, quite a compliment 😀

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    1. Thanks Sandra, it’s my pleasure! When I find and photograph something new I like to learn about it. Sometimes that’s easy, sometimes it takes some work or posting and asking others in groups or forums. I did get a little lazy with this post, no Latin names – but I rarely remember them myself anyway 😉

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      1. Dear Tone Bacon,

        I am delighted that you like my picture of SoundEagle in Birch Forest Landscape with Mushrooms, which is also featured in my latest multimedia post entitled 🦅 SoundEagle Guided Imagery, recently published at:


        I have just added even more new features to the post, including one of my own videos containing dynamic animation. Please enjoy!

        Needless to say, I am very keen and curious about what you will make of the said post symbolically, intellectually, aesthetically and/or spiritually, or simply whatever features that have most appealed and resonated with you for whatever reasons. Thank you in anticipation.

        Also, thank you again for composing your lovely post regarding ferns, fungi and slime.

        Yours sincerely,


    1. Thanks, it’s a remarkable planet we live on, the other side of the globe and similar fungi! I read that bracken fern is on every continent except Antarctica. Only now beaten by humans! 😉


  2. Beautiful!
    I can’t walk past a mushroom without bending down to pat or “boing” it. Brings out the faerie in me. I will take more Murph & shroom photos when it warms in the spring.

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    1. Thanks, make sure to wash your fingers before you lick them! 😉 we welt out for dinner Saturday night (or Saturnight I guess), I had mushrooms which we tried to emulate last night – fried in soy sauce and honey, plus we added garlic! Very nice, I think it will become a regular 👍


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