A busy little native bee collecting nectar and pollinating Paper Daisies in the sunshine. These flowers are in a pot on our deck. They close up when it’s dull and raining and open again on bright days.

Laugh, dance and bring joy to others.

19 thoughts on “Bee Happy

      1. I’ve learnt not to trust Auto colour balance in the Olympus, “cloudy” seems to give the best results in most settings, even when it’s sunny. This was also ISO800 so I could close the aperture a bit for depth of field and keep shutter speed reasonable – not as much grain as I expected.

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    1. Thanks Morgaine, I have to admit cropping these photos, but I was pretty close. I’m allergic to the European bees, I don’t want to find out if I’m allergic to these ones – though I’m not sure if they sting.

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    1. Thanks Anneli, it is a heavily cropped version of the last photo. I’ve recently created a “header” template in Photoshop with grids, so I now know what will show in the heading on different devices and the “next” and “previous” links at the end of my posts for the theme I use 😀

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    1. Thanks Izzy – I just snuck a look at your “about” page 😉 I’m finding it helps when there’s no wind for macro shots, and moving back a bit for moving things like a bee is best. You might say the bees wings are bees knees 😉

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