Wedding Belles

I was asked some time ago to photograph a friends wedding. It was an absolute honour, however I was not confident as I’ve never shot a wedding before. They insisted, they wanted me as they trusted me and loved my photography. As it was only a small wedding, I nervously agreed.

Yesterday, Belinda and Narelle were married in an intimate ceremony, I convinced myself I was not nervous, but excited at the privilege to record their special event. Now I am so glad I said yes! Totally out of my shy comfort zone, I stepped up and discretely took control.

My first aim was to relax the couple and have fun once the formalities were over. To take the pressure off me, I told myself I was was only after ONE good shot for their wall, any more were a bonus – who looks at their wedding album anyway?

My aim was to get fun, relaxed shots that didn’t look posed or forced. These are the first three shots I quickly edited after getting home and sent to the couple to share with friends on social media.

It was rainy and overcast for the day but that didn’t dampen our spirits, at least it wasn’t cold or windy. Though it limited some location shots with long wet grass, the light was great, providing less contrast – more detail.

I use my Olympus EM1 II and M.Zuiko Digital 12-40mm 1:2.8 PRO lens. The last shot here I used the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 60mm F2.8 Macro lens to get some distance from the Champagne spray – which only just missed me!

I also borrowed a mates EM1 I as a backup camera – which I had the 60mm on but did not end up using it.

I used Pro-Capture mode mostly, taking 15 images with each press to allow for closed eyes etc. and took almost 5000 photos – a hell of a lot to sort through but plenty of insurance – to get that one, perfect shot. They are really happy with these three and I am stoked!

So, I’ll be taking a short break from the blog – lol, while I pick out and edit shots, more of which I will post soon.

Here’s to Belinda and Narelle, congratulations, happy days – and thanks for the honour 😀


Note: I received prior permission to share these special photos on my blog from the brides. Please respect their privacy and do not download or re-post any image without our prior permission.

13 thoughts on “Wedding Belles

    1. Thanks Morgaine, I took a nice collection to edit and share with them, a better result than I anticipated! It’s snowing here today and I have damaged my knee, so looks like a good day to edit!

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      1. The way things are looking, we’ll be in for a white Christmas this year!
        I didn’t mess my knee up mountain biking or bushwalking either, would you believe just kneeling in the isle taking wedding photos? Completely ridiculous!!

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