Fungi – fruits of the forest

(13 Photos, Click to enlarge) – It’s hard to show just how steep it is down in the Rivulet where I take many of my recent fungi photos. From my house, it drops 120 metres to the creek bed. To get there, I walk 2km down on an angle through four neighbouring properties, with permission, taking about 15 minutes.

View across the valley, about 30m above the creek.

The valley floor is covered in moss, not much direct sun penetrates the canopy. So pretty and peaceful, except for the babbling water, which oddly sometimes sounds like children playing.

Many years ago, an eight year old girl was murdered a little further down the creek, perhaps it is her I can hear. I spent the first half hour of my visit this morning just relaxing, unwinding and soaking up my surrounding. Feeling the place, without even taking a photograph.

The three photos above were taken with my phone in an attempt to set the wider scene, to show you the setting where I search for the little things. Escape with me.

I was less rushed today, more relaxed and in a different mindset. I started looking for compositions rather than fungi. The fungi found me.

My apologies for being lazy and not identifying the fungi, I hope you enjoy the images without Latin names 🙂

Olympus OMD EM1 Mark II, 60mm Macro lens. Each photo is 15 images focus stacked in camera, minimal editing in Photoshop CS6.

18 thoughts on “Fungi – fruits of the forest

  1. Love this, Tone, words and images, and especially “unidentified!” I don’t like to know with my magical discoveries most of the time; I like to use my imagination and also pretend it’s my own original discovery. 🙃

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    1. Thanks for the great feedback Laura, I often feel the same way. I don’t think many people wander where I went yesterday and I’m probably the only person to see these particular fungi, that makes them special to me. Aside from that, it was getting late, breakfast now, then another ride! Life’s too busy for Latin 😉

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  2. The fungi are really beautiful. Each one is slightly different from the next. What a shame to have such a monstrous deed mark a beautiful spot like this. I thought all the weirdos and monsters lived up our way.

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    1. Thank you Anneli. The perpetrator was only young too with a mental illness, Quite a sad story of misadventure gone wrong if anything. It happened about 90 years ago. My wife’s grandmother told us about it first and we found a newspaper article.

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  3. Amazing forest, amazing photos. It also feels surprisingly familiar, not so different from the forest and fungi I enjoy here in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, on the other side of the world.

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    1. Thanks, I did see a net of extremely fine web I’d never seen before but it was in an awkward position to photograph well. Here are a couple of bugs in these photos I didn’t mention too!

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    1. Thanks Michael, I think too many people are disconnected from the natural world. I find photography i general is a great way to escape, but getting right down in the dirt looking at fungi, the smells, the sounds, there’s nothing quite like it.

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