Macro Mycena

(9 Images) – After a week of rain followed by a few “warm” days (for winter), when opportunity arose, I headed down to the local rivulet again in the hope of finding a flourishing of fungi.

The log that had only weeks ago supported a generous colony of Mycena Interupta was disappointingly almost barren, but after a bit of a hunt, I found a few things to focus the lens on. Very closely indeed.

All images are focus stacked in camera using 15 frames per photo, except the shot below, which is 4 focus stacked images combined – a total of 60 frames to get the depth of field.
I’m highly critical of my own work and constantly learning from every shot. While the image below is “so close”, there’s still parts that aren’t quite right and I know I can improve on – next time.

What’s next? I don’t know either! Follow to find out 😀
Greetings from Tasmania.

14 thoughts on “Macro Mycena

    1. I never thought of that! There is a fungi down here called dead man’s fingers – and that’s exactly what they look like, coming up out of the soil! Gladly I haven’t seen them.

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  1. The orange ones remind me of sea coral. I’ve never seen any like that before. (I think you will like the illustration I’m working on now; fungi-inspired!).


    1. Thank you so much, I’m blushing 😊 I guess it’s my way to improve on every shot I take, I aim for perfection I guess, but think it is never achievable for me. A master of self doubt, so I really appreciate your comment 😀

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