Mighty Macro

(9 photos) – Little things caught my eye, made large with the Olympus 60mm and larger again with some Pixco extension tubes. So what have we got? – (Click on any image to enlarge.)

Up close and personal with a fluffy wood coloured moth!

eye spy … cropped at 100%
full image from above

Beetle on a leaf.
And if you thought that was NUTS!! …

These aren’t, they’re acorns!
Leaves have begun to turn yellow as we say goodbye to a summer that wasn’t really summer in Tasmania. Each day is noticeably shorter as Autumn becomes the new season’s fashion.

On a positive note, we slip into Fungi and waterfall season – the wetter the better 🙂
– I also recovered and backed up my failed hard drives and didn’t loose any files 😀

15 thoughts on “Mighty Macro

  1. These photos are amazing and beautiful! I’m glad you’ve recovered all of your files, success! Our days are getting longer as summer approaches, very hemispheric!

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