Data Recovery!

A couple of posts ago I lamented some – rather major – technical issues and possible loss of data including months of images!

After putting the one remaining disk with data back into the server and failing to fix the error after trying many possible solutions, I reluctantly hooked it back up to my Win 10 PC, but this time on another SATA port as I’d read this could be a possible fix during my research into the issue.

While the disk still indicates “Errors” and is “At Risk”, this time it was automatically assigned a drive letter and it’s contents finally showed up in Windows Explorer – a huge relief for me to say the least!! This turn-around has saved my a lot of time and research into data recovery methods.

Before doing anything else, I have set about firstly copying the missing images onto an external HDD, then plan to copy all the data onto the new mirrored “ARCHIVE” disks before attempting to fix the errors and restore the disk – in case I have to end up reformatting it.

It is unlikely to be a hardware issue, I think it was a conflict between operating systems – when I moved the disk from Windows server 2003 to Windows 10 Pro it screwed up the file or disk directory – with the scary message: “The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.”

Bored yet? Not real exciting but it did have me on edge for the last week or so!

“The Enclave” – A creative place – when everything just works.

Hopefully I can soon concentrate on taking, editing and posting images again 🙂

9 thoughts on “Data Recovery!

  1. It’s dreadful when the machines rise against us! 😉
    I only have one computer and had similar issues with “corrupted files” that were perfectly fine. And tech support made the issue worse by insisting nothing could be recovered which turned out not to be true.

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    1. I have too computers …. way too many! Lol. If you can find good tech support, stick with them, there’s a few dodgy ones about.
      “When the machines rise against us” … the last two days I’ve been driving my work van around to “Rage Against the Machine”! Now it suddenly all makes perfect sense ;P

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    1. Absolutely agree! At least I know the cause of his one. I hate it when everything is working perfectly, then for no apparent reason, something screws up.
      I can get frustrated and anxious but then secretly smug and elated when I figure out a problem myself, like I’ve weirdly enjoyed the challenge.

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