Shameless self portraits

If you look through my posts, I’m not big on selfies and don’t take many portraits – or people in general for that matter. I much prefer to be behind a camera.

I had to take a self portrait for work so while I had the “studio” set up with a few lights – three cheap LED torches with shopping bags as diffusers, nothing expensive or fancy – I thought I’d have some fun – at my own expense.

With the fake premise of going for an acting role, I transformed into a couple of – perhaps shady – characters.

Cool hand Tone – Luke’s long lost brother.
Mad Tone – Max’s cousin.

I hope I haven’t scared your children or pets! It’s just pretend 🙂

If you’re curious about my “office” space, here’s a rare insight into my lair … I built this space under my house myself and almost everything is second-hand, was bought on sale or built by myself over several years. You can see my “studio” set-up at the far end.

The Enclave.

I originally built this as a space for me and my mates to game on our PC’s. My current PC with three monitors is a first generation i7 I built in 2008, it still serves me well … just. I have upgraded the RAM, Graphics Card and SSD hard drive, but it is getting close for me to retire it to a server and start with a fresh build when funds permit … maybe this year if I stop buying camera gear and mountain bikes 😉

16 thoughts on “Shameless self portraits

  1. Wow, your gaming space is amazing! I don’t play any video at all but this is so impressive. It looks like a Ham Radio ‘shack’. The portraits are really good actually, well done! 😎

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    1. Thanks for the feedback John, I actually have 2 AM radio’s up the end the photo was taken from 🙂 One is a classic Pearce Simpson Super Cheetah I picked up cheap at an antique store. I have hooked it up but unfortunately I live in a valley so reception is not great here. Was heavily into radio in the ’80’s.


    1. I’m mostly a fairly shy and private person, so for me it was out of my comfort zone to post them, but I did have fun and have wanted to try some portraits for some time.


    1. Thanks, I appreciate your comment 😀 I’m certainly a bit more “out there” as I get older than I used to be, I realize now that you miss out on too much when you hold back, but I still have my recluse days though.

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  2. What great self portraits. yes I had a lump in my throat looking at them though. Quite characterful. Great simple set up thanks for sharing that. I am not a super gamer but I can certainly admire your set up.

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    1. Thanks, I don’t play as many games as I’d like, life’s too interesting 😉 I have a PS4 with VR now, after trying a mates out I found a second hand unit. VR car racing is unreal … litterally 😀


  3. Oh I just read your reply to magik and YOU DUG out your basement your self heck even more awesome. I also loved your hatted portrait. Very evocative of a traditional farmer or bushy.

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    1. Yep, heavy clay with a mattock but luckily no serious rock except some mudstone near the end. The hat one is my fave too, I wear that hat bushwalking 🙂


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