Kookaburra Christmas

kunanyi storm clouds

A mix of good weather and some heavy rain fronts this week seems to have brought laughter to the valley with an increase in visiting kookaburra’s and cockatoos, making for a very Aussie Christmas!

Bird on a wire
Three’s a crowd
Early bird …
Kookaburra getting harassed by another bird

I hope you were able to have some fun and laughter at Christmas and catch up with some family or friends despite what this year has thrown at us! It’s nearly over, may the year ahead – and us humans – be a little kinder.

7 thoughts on “Kookaburra Christmas

  1. Kookaburras remind me a lot of our kingfishers, but I don’t know how their behaviours compare. The kingfisher sits up high so he can see into the water and then dives down to catch little fishes or whatever he sees that looks tasty. He’ll dive in and come up to the surface, jump into the air and fly. Imagine a human doing that. It would be pretty amazing to have that ability. Anyway, your kookaburras are very pretty birds. I would love to have them here in our country.

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    1. They are the largest of the Kingfisher family but eat worms, lizards, bugs and other birds young chicks 😦 They sit up high as shown in the photos to spot them, then pounce, so yes, they are very similar.

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    1. Cheers, the last few days I’ve noticed a wattle bird hanging out with the Kookaburras too, they seem to have some kind of symbiotic relationship, it seems rather weird!


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