Waterfalls night walk

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After three days of constant rain around Hobart, the creeks and rivulets around the foothills of kunanyi / Mt Wellington are full to overflowing. With work limiting daytime exploration, a neighbor and I set out in the evening for one of our most epic walks to date.

Secret Falls, pumping at night

Instead of starting from home, we drove to Old Farm Road and headed uphill to Secret Falls. Normally a modest trickle, the creek-bed was uncrossable, limiting shooting positions and we could barely hear each other over the roar of the water being forced through the narrow drop.

Secret Falls, also called Hidden Falls.

Next we went to Myrtle Gully Falls which was ridiculously awesome and a challenge to illuminate with our LED lights with access limited due to all the water.

Myrtle Gully Falls – taken from under the pedestrian bridge.

We backtracked and walked up and along the very wet Middle Island Fire Trail, then took a new mountain bike track that crosses the Hobart Rivulet – where we had to walk across a fallen tree due to flooding and winds it’s way up to the Rivulet Track.

Crossing the flooded Hobart Rivulet.

Somehow, egging each other on, we started racing up the very steep Rivulet track towards O’Grady’s Falls.

O’Grady’s Falls – crap photo taken from a wobbly bridge.

We headed home via Curtis Avenue, after covering around 8 km. The next day when we picked the car up, we walked back into Secret and Myrtle Gully Falls again for a look.

Secret Falls in flood.
Myrtle Gully Falls, water level below the bridge [jpeg]
Myrtle Gully Falls from the bridge [RAW file edit]
Myrtle Gully track – back to the car.

Images taken with Olympus EM1 Mark II, M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12-40mm F2.8 PRO lens.

4 thoughts on “Waterfalls night walk

    1. Thanks Gary, neighbour Evan persisted and dragged me away from a warm fire, we tend to motivate each other at times but definitely worth going out that night. Off again somewhere this evening, who knows where we’ll end up? We don’t!! 🙂

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