Bridge over troubled waters [10 photos]

Two grey, uninspiring rainy days. A challenge to capture minimalist compositions in … grey. Eyes open, camera ready, I accept. I barely have ten minutes.

A tree, twisted, tortured on the windy foreshore. Dark, stark contrast to the rigid formal lines of grey behind.

I walk to were land meets water. It reminds me of what lies underneath. A ship, many years ago, broke the bridge in half. Lives lost, city divided. The Lake Illawarra still sits in the dark, cold, muddy depths. broken.

A bird flies by, capturing my eye, lifting them high. Distracted, I start hunting birds.

A gull sits, looks, waits. I approach. The bridge still lurks silently, subtly in the background.

Bird launches, I follow, lens tracking, background changes, focus, capture. The limited light, shining trough it’s trailing wing feathers.

I watch it focus as I focus, land. Time for me to go …

Next day, closer to that mended gap of never forgotten tragedy, the spans almost disappear in the rain. Every time a ship passes under, still the traffic stops, reminding us of that night of pain.

Looking up the River Derwent, not the Derwent River – why? Grey sky, grey water, grey day, nothing to see here, yet still, it’s boringly beautiful in it’s endless wetness.

Lindisfarne Bay, houses on the hill meet the sky without argument, disappearing, like me, it’s time to go again.

To add to the challenge, all images above were captured with the Olympus 60mm f/2.4 “macro” lens. Versatile, sharp and becoming a favorite!

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