Night walking

A least once a week a neighbor and I take an evening hike somewhere. We’ve been going for years now, sometimes we take a guest along. Our destination is never known when we set out and we always manage to find a different way.

We try to avoid using torches if possible and I usually don’t take any camera gear so there’s more room for beer. These shots from a few recent walks were taken on our phones.

One of our popular destinations is O’Gradys Falls, on the foothills of Mt Wellington. We returned there last Monday night, the first day it was re-opened after access was restricted due to the lock-down.

It was disappointing that after four weeks of no access, someone with large, careless feet had visited earlier in the day and trampled a heap of fungi.

Hobart, Tasman Bridge and the River Derwent as seen from Curtis Avenue.

I took this photo with my mate’s Samsung Galaxy Note 9+ which handles low light much better than my S8. Illuminated with head torches, I’ll leave it up to the viewer to work out what it is.

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