Trash or treasure?

I’m not wealthy – financially anyway and I do enjoy a good bargain.

Before the era of “social distancing” I would head to my local tip shop or “Resource Centre” about once a fortnight and enjoy a good rummage around with particular interest in their camera cupboard.
While I’ve picked up the odd dud, I’ve also been rewarded with some cracking finds!

I picked up this Olympus OM10 film camera for $80 around Christmas time. While it still needs a proper clean, it’s in near mint condition including the “PASSED” sticker and is a nice nostalgic collectors piece. It not only came with the manual shutter speed adaptor and 50 mm f1.8 prime lens shown above …

– it included the Tokina SZ-X 80-200mm macro lens on the left and a Hanimex TZ2500 flash. I also got them to throw in a mint Agfa Autostar X-126 (which was my first camera at age 8). I had bought the other Tamron zoom shown at right previously for $25.

I’ve also picked up this flash gear which all works and is near mint. Firstly some months back, the Neewer TT560 Speedlite and Andoer 2x wireless remote flash triggers, haggled down to $20 as a bundle. Then on my last visit before lockdown, the Olympus FS-FL36 with hot-shoe cable for $25 … this flash retails for around $200 and works great with the EM1 II.

It’s amazing what some people throw out. To me this is recycling at it’s finest, I’ve had a great hunt, left happy with a bargain while supporting local employment and reducing landfill. Though it’s very much hit or miss, I feel much more satisfied buying stuff like this, than new cheap stuff online.

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