New Holland Honeyeater

These little honey eaters often flit around the garden checking out flowers for nectar. They are fairly shy and usually fly off when they spot you.

I took this shot quickly and it was very under-exposed but nice and sharp, so I edited in RAW just to see how well the shadows would pull up from the EM1 II.

2 thoughts on “New Holland Honeyeater

    1. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.
      I use which uses themes for the site design. I have noticed previously some themes behave strangely in different browsers. This one looks OK on Microsoft EDGE browser, Chrome and Firefox on my PC, I’ve also tried it with a couple of browsers on Android and Safari and Chrome on my iPad mini, so maybe it’s a Mac thing. It could also be the zoom level set in your browser. The internet “standard” isn’t very standard. I used to do web-design professionally and constantly had the most trouble getting Internet Explorer to display sites correctly – while they would usually work great on every other browser.


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