Postcard from Tasmania …

I am creating a small range of postcards which will be for sale at Tasmanian Gingerbread’s cottage store in Richmond – shown in the bottom right image.
(The watermark will not be on the printed postcard).

I plan on doing probably 6-8 different styles to start with and see how they go, including one of Hobart, Tassie generally and featuring our exclusive animals – I have a few shots but I need a trip to Bonorong!!

I’m also thinking matte postcards instead of gloss – for something different, but I will try a few different stocks as well with some small initial orders to test the waters.

As a tourist, would you buy this? Feedback welcome 

3 thoughts on “Postcard from Tasmania …

    1. Thanks, I had ordered six different designs just before Covid hit! They look great, but we have no tourists :/ However, I selfishly love it here without the tourists, it’s like Tassie was 30 years ago again 😀
      The little cottage in the inset image at bottom right is the new retail store for my wife’s business – Tasmanian Gingerbread – where I will sell the postcards. We’re actually doing pretty well now we’ve re-opened, the locals are out and about supporting each other which is really great.
      We are fortunately Covid free here now and our borders are closed – so incredibly lucky to live on an island off an bigger island!!

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      1. Oh that is so cool and I hear ya! I have loved a more quiet experience as well and now the bikers are starting to come and take over again. 🤪. Oh that is sooo cool! Sounds so heavenly and a place I should visit. So golad you are doing ok and your wife’s cottage is very cool.. I’ll take another peek. Enjoy! ❤️

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