We spent four days visiting the North West region of Tasmania last week.

A Few shots of and from our AirBnB accommodation, “The Stockman’s” @ Mayura Farm. We were greeted by Maggie, a lovely working Border Collie, who told me it was actually Maggie’s Farm. I removed a buzzy behind her ear then gave her a big scratch and pat, so she let me take a photo …

“The Nut” – Stanley.
Black River
Bass Straight

A great place to stay, our requirements were a fire and a spa bath …

WARNING, the next image is of me naked …

Enjoying a HOT soak, Cascade Stout and Bowmore Scotch chaser while the colour faded and stars came out to dance.

Mono images OM System OM-1 with Olympus 14-150 lens @150, colour images S22 Ultra.

Next, we head to Marrawah and on down to Temma!

8 thoughts on “Black River

    1. Ha ha, thanks Sandra, I’m glad the warning didn’t put you off having a peek 😉 It was a great way to end the day. We were told Maggie was not allowed inside … otherwise she might have slept on our bed 😛

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    1. And that’s just where we stayed! Maggie was such a delight and greeted us every morning and when we arrived back “home”.
      I took plenty of photos, you will soon see that the North West of Tassie is truly a place of magic … still not as good as home though 😉

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