Forest Fungi Forage

Hello 🙂

I took Ralphie and my camera up the back for an explore after what seems like two weeks of rain and wind.

I’ve had a break from photography and most social media for about 4 months, no particular reason, but is was great to capture these images with a fresh perspective.

Lots of fungi and forest critters about if you look close enough 😉

I didn’t notice the snail antennae above until editing, I would have waited 😦

I checked last years patch for my favourite Mycena Inerupta and only found a few solo examples, this one below had a lovely setting and a little one just fruiting.

Until you notice the large dead bugs and live ones. The circle of life!

The last fungi below is translucent and has a visitor!
Thanks for visiting, take care 🙂

Olympus / OM Digital OM1, 60mm Macro, 15 focus stacked images, edited in Photoshop CS6.

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