My Son got married

Well, my best mate’s son, but I’m his Dad. It’s a long story …

I was invited to take photos of Kieran’s preparations, here are just a few of the 50 keepers, but as part of the family I enjoyed the wedding and festivities without looking though an lens 😀

Lets just say there was food and wine and merriment and dancing … a great night had by all, but somewhat of a slow next day for some. Congratulations to the Bride and Groom, and all the families.

The first mono shot here was taken with the Pen-F, all others with the OM-1.

17 thoughts on “My Son got married

  1. What a happy looking groom! Have to say this is probably the first “pre wedding” photos I see where there isn’t a single photo of the bride 😉 … but I understand, it’s about the groom! Congratulations!!

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    1. The bride was getting ready separately and was I presume photographed by the “official” wedding photographer. The parent’s wanted me to enjoy the day – which I did perhaps a little too much 😉

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  2. Great photos. I love candid shots – they are the best on a wedding day. Hope you are not being washed away down there. It won’t stop raining here. I think we fill be filling this week’s newspaper with loads of wet weather photos with so many events cancelled for the Cup Long Weekend.

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