Colourful cloudy sunset

As I climbed into my car after work, I noticed the late low sun skimming the top of some heavy clouds over the mountain. Not a great vantage point, I headed for near by Rosny Hill in a race to catch the light. By the time I got there, the best of that contrasty glow had gone, but colour began to seep through as the light faded.

Armed with the Olympus Pen-F and 14-150, I took a few shots from the hill then headed for Montague Bay to get some low reflections across the water.

I had some fun tonight editing the RAW files in DxO and trying to pull as much detail and colour out as I could, without appearing to overly over-saturate them. While there was colour in the sky, it wasn’t this intense to the eye.

The shot above is my favourite, selectively edited in two parts to preserve the beautiful bright colour of the foreground rocks covered in contrasting orange lichen and green seaweed, while reducing the purple tinge in the sky introduced by increased vibrancy and saturation. I was deliberately heavy handed applying the Deep Prime noise reduction which has given them a smoother arty look – almost video gamey, if that’s a thing.

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34 thoughts on “Colourful cloudy sunset

    1. Thanks John, it was a pretty ordinary wet day except the brewing storm clouds did look awesome for most of it, but I couldn’t stop. I’m glad I now finish early enough to catch some sunsets after work 😀

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      1. Darn building, knock it down haha! The days are getting shorter here as the cooler months approach. It’s a big planet, and so amazing that a slight tilt in earth’s axis causes us to have longer and shorter days and weather changes.

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      2. Even without the building theres not much interesting in the foreground. There’s a fair bit of traffic to battle through to get to Rosny Hill, each day now I have more time 🙂

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    1. Thanks Mark, it was getting fairly dark by that stage. I exposed to blow out the sky a bit and hoped to recover the foreground shadows and sky highlight detail in post. It worked!


    1. Thanks, in the first pic it looks like the bright part is where the sun is, but it was setting behind clouds further up the river beyond the bridge and throwing light between clouds. I like the foreground in the second one, balances the image with the colours popping.

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    1. Thanks Anneli, I started writing a review post on DxO PhotoLab weeks ago, too much other content presenting itself at the moment to finish it, but in short, the more ai use it, the more I like it!

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