Water birds

(6 pics) – Well, an assortment of birds near the water…

Pied Oster Catchers chilling on rocks
Seagull having a scratch
Ducks on the neighbour’s dam
Masked Lapwings in a paddock puddle
Masked Lapwing family
And one more because I took it.

It’s been a very wet and lazy Sunday here, these photos were taken over the last few weeks at various times. I hope you have a relaxing Sunday also. Thanks for visiting.

23 thoughts on “Water birds

    1. Thanks Mike, the Lapwing were kind of cooperating for once. Usually when they see me they start to wander off, this time they let me get closer but I did approach slowly from behind a tree 😀


      1. I sell leather-goods at the market, kind of inherited the stall and its doing very well. I have thought about selling prints there but only have so much room.


      2. Which market is it? We must try and get over to Tassie. We have friends from here who have moved to near Hobart who we should catch up with in the near future.


    1. Thanks, the OM-1 is better than the EM1II for focus, the bird/animal tracking is reasonably good but not perfect – it could be in part to my technique but I am getting more sharp keepers. It struggles when things like branches and fences get in between you and the subject, it tends to jump to the closer thing. I think there is a firmware update already that I’ve not yet installed … I should get onto that 😀

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  1. Those lapwings are new to me. They remind me of why I love birds so much. Each species is so unique with interesting markings and individual habits and skills. Great pictures, as usual.

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    1. Thanks Anneli, I hope you noticed the sharp spurs at the front of the wing! They have little fear and will divebomb aggressively and attack you, working in pairs especially when their eggs hatch. I didn’t much care for them as a kid after getting chased across the school oval!

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      1. I didn’t, so I went back to look. I noticed that only one of the birds (in the photo with two of them) had those spurs. Is it a male/female thing, or a juvenile/adult thing? What a unique feature in a bird.

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      2. I think the ones with brown legs are young ones hanging about with Mum and Dad, pretty sure both sexes have them as they both will attack. The spurs usually aren’t that obvious, perhaps it was a warning to me not to get closer.

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    1. They are nearly always in the paddocks around here but rarely cooperate for me. They seemed quite chill on this day and seemed happy for me to sneak closer and take a family portrait. Maybe it’s because they had just been to the salon 😀


      1. We have another proper plover that is a smaller shore bird too without a mask. This one is a thief that stole the name 😉 It’s a bit like everyone here mistakenly calling our ravens crows. We don’t have any crows in Tasmania.

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