White Cockatoos

(3 pics) – Though noisy groups of Sulphur Crested White Cockatoos often visit our valley, I rarely get close enough for a photo, they often just fly through or rest in a tree high overhead. These one’s were taken on The Queens Domain – a patch of bush on a hill near Hobart.
(Olympus Pen-F and  ED 14-150mm F4.0-5.6 II).

Compared to the Black Cockatoos, these white ones are like teenage delinquents, screaming very loudly to each other, performing daring acrobatics in the air – sometimes flying upside down and generally showing off.

They can live for around 60 years – they certainly seem to enjoy life to the fullest!
Thanks for visiting, now go and enjoy your life like a crazy white cocky 😀

20 thoughts on “White Cockatoos

    1. Thanks Anneli, great fun to watch, but boy they make some noise, especially when large groups are calling out to each other! Think of a primary school playground at lunch time … only worse.

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    1. That’s sad. Though I did fancy one as a kid, keeping a cockatoo as a pet requires a much longer commitment than a cat or dog. They can get bored and stressed out. I hope they have plenty of room and company in the zoos.

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  1. I was thinking I’d make a comment about them being absolute characters, but then I read where you perfectly described them as teenage delinquents. We get them around here often, and you can always tell it’s them before you can see them. Beautiful birds.

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  2. New Zealand has a “silly bird” the Native Pigeon who thinks that collecting nectar from some tree is best done by getting on the smallest end of branch, which of course doesn’t support the bird so it usually ends up falling off…

    I remember no so fondly the cockatoos that came to a (Perth, WA) house with a large mulberry tree but what I didn’t care for was running the gauntlet of them to get to our outhouse loo at the bottom of the garden, dodging them spitting berries at us or screaming us as some sort of taunt …

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