Winter Wonderland

This morning (well, yesterday now as it’s 1am), I woke to the surprise of a decent layer of snow on the ground. It was still snowing at 8am, though the sun came out and it was stunning! Here’s some shots around home which looks a little different to my previous post.

Before even making a coffee for myself, I made a warm mash for the ponies and headed down with Stormy Doggo to give them a good feed with hay.

Looking back up from the ponies paddock to my house.
Footprints in the snow
Frozen wooden fence.

Storm was keen to head back inside, so I continued alone to the top of the block …

And then up into the bush …

It was so beautiful! I spent two hours wandering about before returning for that warm coffee and breakfast. More photos maybe in the next post 😀

Thanks for taking a winter wander with me – I bet my feet got colder than yours 😉

27 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Yes, it is just so beautiful! You know that saying … picture perfect! I don’t blame Storm for racing back to the house – thank you for bracing the cold to show your snowy wonderland!

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  2. We don’t get snow in Perth. Ever. Your photos look so beautiful. My favourite is the fence shot. I must admit, I’d be with Stormy Doggo. I’d much prefer to be inside, with a hot cup of tea, looking out at how beautiful it is. Bravo for braving the cold for the fabulous photos!

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    1. It usually only snows two or three times a year, generally a light dusting down lower down the mountain. Most mainlanders perceive Tasmania to be cold but our winters are pretty mild compared to parts of Northern America and Europe and we get longer drawn-out summer days than further north 😀

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  3. ahh surrounded by it all here in the Huon but down by the river not a snowdrop yet just up the hill well the higher hill snow was thick. Midwinter and winter finally arrived. Your place looked amazing’

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    1. Thanks Tazzie, after I left for work I discovered I was pretty much on the edge of the snowline, there wasn’t any out on Huon Road or further down. It seems to have been a while since we had a proper winter like this – I picked a good year to grow my hair and beard – my organic hat and scarf 😀


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