Moonlight magic

Driving home after work, I was admiring the fading light and last colour from sunset over the mountain, when I noticed a slither of waxing crescent moon hanging in the sky to the west. I immediately found a safe place to pull over on the winding road to home, pulled out the OM-1 with mounted 70-300mm and grabbed a few shots before it slid down behind the tree. This was the best shot.

Unedited shot – resized straight out of camera.
Cropped and edited shot.

– moon highlights sharpened, the rest denoised in Photoshop CS6, levels adjusted – lifted the blacks and balanced by dropping the mid tones, vibrance punched a bit, a touch of saturation, just subtle enhancements.

A moment of magic.

19 thoughts on “Moonlight magic

    1. As it happens Kelly, yes 🙂 In what seems now a past life, I was a graphic designer for 26 years and did a cover for a good friends Tasmanian soccer history book. I still have a signed copy.

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