Of all the old, rundown houses I’ve found in Hobart, this is my absolute favourite, but I can’t really explain why – I simply love it! I’ve photographed it before, but here it is again, my take with the Pen-F.

Firstly, a taste in full saturated Olympus vivid colour, highlighting the last red autumn leaves, the rusted roof, that lovely shingled folly, the bricks exposed on the chimney from the crumbling render and the large sandstone block foundations that this home full of character through it’s neglect sits on.

These first two images were taken from the street while capturing photos for a hopefully soon to be published project – (I’m after one more image before I kick it off). I noticed the place appeared empty this visit.

I ventured just a little up the gravel driveway – lets not call it trespass, no malice intended, I would have introduced myself if someone were home to find out more. The only thing I took were these five photos and some excitement at having snuck a slightly closer look!

The above images are pretty much straight from camera, but I felt the patina of this lovely aged façade deserved some HDR work in Photoshop …

I think it is this slate shingled feature on the roof that really draws me to this dilapidated building and the little veranda at the entrance. It is surrounded by large, well looked after mansion on larger properties, but if I had loads of money, this would be the house I would buy in the street!

I hope you enjoyed a visit to my dream home, I understand not everyone’s cup of tea – but hey, I’m a coffee drinker 😀 I think it might about to be renovated so I’ll keep an eye on the place to see what they do with it, – I hope tastefully and respectful. It deserves some love.

23 thoughts on “Dream home

  1. I definitely like the veranda … can you imagine sitting there and watch the world go by? I like how you captured these photos – it invites one to look further (and having your own dreams of renovating).

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  2. Such an amazing place, Tone! How sad that it’s slowly decaying, it needs lots of love to be a nice home again. Maybe there is a way that you can buy?

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    1. I would want to find some clear matt waterproof coating to spray on it and leave it exactly as it is! I don’t think that’s actually possible. It would be a massive undertaking to restore.

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  3. I love old houses as well. You really captured this once-elegant Victorian’s beauty! How wonderful it would be if the new owners stayed true to the original design features.

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    1. I hope so too, I will be watching closely and if they don’t I shall pay them a visit 😉 Not sure if it is heritage listed, it should be, I would hate to see it knocked down for units 😦

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  4. I love all things vintage. I look at a house like this and imagine what it was like in its prime. Children playing in the front garden. And later on, the old widow sitting on the veranda watching the modern world go by. This old house has a lot of history. Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. I wonder of the stories from within and before – if only the walls could tell.

    Here such a house would be bowled and a big block of townhouses would arrive!

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    1. I’m not sure what the plans are for this house, I hope restoration but it would be a massive job, it’s pretty dilapidated. It seemed completely empty inside from what I could see and there was a large skip bin up the back of the drive.


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