South Wellington Walk -1

(Part 1 of 4, 6 photos) – Time to wind the clock back a little to March 24, before a wedding, a flourish of fungi and snow on the mountain. There’s a track from the very top of kunanyi/Mt Wellington that heads south past the steep descending Zig Zag track through a boulder field. I’d just bought a new OM-1 and took it for a walk. My goal, “The Rocking Stone”. I’d walked this track before but never diverted to visit this natural feature.

The intoxicating view over Hobart from kunanyi / Mt Wellington
The 14-150 lens zoomed in on central Hobart.
Natural stacks of dolerite boulders south of the summit
In the distance, a view towards Tasmania’s South West wilderness
Looking back from where my walk began, the summit of kunanyi / Mt Wellington

The track you can see clearly above is the start of the ZigZag track. The track I am on is much less defined and breaks off to the left in this shot.

Thanks for visiting, please join me on my continuing adventure atop the mountain in the next thrilling post!

21 thoughts on “South Wellington Walk -1

      1. Thank you for the link, Tone, it was very informative! Bering a ham radio operator, I am always curious about radio towers.

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  1. I also have the 14-150mm, always amazed what you can get out of such a small lens, and still so sharp ! Sometimes I start to doubt and wonder why I still use APS-C. Btw, just ordered a second-hand E-M1 MKII, curious what that camera can do. Great shots Tone !

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    1. Thank you Mark, you won’t be disappointed with the EM1 II, very versatile and feature packed camera! I didn’t think it was worth upgrading to the Mark III and to be honest, for most shooting and sometimes a little more work, it is just as capable as the OM-1 and feels nicer.

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    1. It is breathtaking! Wait till you see the rocking stone … it goes from hot to freezing wind and ice. The rocks are worn by the harsh weather and it sometimes causes them to split. It’s an incredible alien like place.

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  2. interesting rock formations there!


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  3. See, this is why I love nature! We get so worked up in our lives and our problems, then nature steps up to remind us that we are but a speck.
    Great photos. Looking forward to seeing more.

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