(8 photos) – Last week on my way home after 5 hours of driving, the traffic was banked up on the Tasman Bridge and the last thing I wanted to do was sit in traffic for another hour. To escape the wait, I peeled off the highway and went up Rosny Hill to catch the last light of the sunset and take some shots of the bridge with the Pen-F. Much more relaxing 😀

Looking up the River Derwent from Rosny Hill, reflections from my car roof
View across the river over central Hobart
Peak hour traffic on the Tasman Bridge
A slow moving conga line of cars

Due to Hobart’s hilly terrain and a lack of forward planning, there are many bottle-necks around Hobart with no alternative route and all it can take is one minor incident to bring the entire city to a stand still. This is made worse by impatient and inconsiderate people (selfish twats) trying to squeeze through traffic lights and blocking intersections and lane swapping to get just one or two cars ahead. (Rant over).

Pedestrian bridge across the highway
Going home – a blurred pedestrian on overpass

After a relaxing photo walk for 30 minutes, the traffic had cleared and I drove home unhindered, feeling much better than I would have if I had continued with the twats – and I got some fresh material for a blog post!

The bridge that can become a bottle-neck for traffic

Aside from my little rant – thanks for listening, I hope you enjoyed sharing my little evening walk. Thanks for visiting – Cheers from Tassie 😀

*I have a back-log of unpublished images over the last few weeks which I’m editing and will be posting randomly. A bit of a catch-up so there may be some weird perception of time travel as I jump back and forward. I like to surprise my readers and keep them on their toes 😉

15 thoughts on “Bridging the gap

  1. You kept your blood pressure down by taking the other route, how frustrating! Traffic can be really bad here too. Great photos, Tone! 🇦🇺

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    1. Thanks John, it usually clears fairly quickly here unless there’s more than one incident, then it can take a few hours. They also still stop traffic on the bridge when a large ship goes under it! Paranoid about another one running into it.

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      1. I should have added that on 5 January 1975 a large ship took out several pylons of the bridge when the captain was allegedly drunk, that’s why they still stop the traffic. Twelve people were killed, including seven crew on board the ship, and the five occupants of four cars which fell 45 m (150 feet) after driving off the bridge. If you’re curious, find out more HERE
        There’s also some footage on YouTube if you search.


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