Oldest Aussie brewery

Not fungi, Cascade Brewery located on Hobart Rivulet under the shadow of kunanyi/Mt Wellington is Australia’s oldest brewery!

A stroll through the Cascade gardens
A little bit of snow on the mountain last week

And lastly a composition that caught my eye as I walked back to the car after physio. I finally got the all-clear on the knee I did six months ago 😀

All images from the OM-1

This image reminds me of a project I keep considering – the chimneys of Hobart – there are so many, and all different!

I hope you enjoyed some Autumn sunshine on Hobart’s fine sandstone buildings, thanks for visiting 🙂 They make good beer too 😛

17 thoughts on “Oldest Aussie brewery

    1. Liquid gold – I like the Pale Ale in summer and they do a good Export Stout for this time of the year 😀 There’s a small steel one to the right with is TV and the big one is for more TV and all sorts of communication. A company wants to build a cable car over the pipes and down not far from the brewery.

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      1. I noticed that the sides are plainer. I wonder what it was like before the fire. Were the sides plain then too? Either way, facades used to be the way things were done, and the street appeal is what it’s all about.


      2. I just did an image search to find out – and I found the top two narrower floors were added later, though I’m not sure when. There’s some interesting old shots online if you’re curious 🙂 The founder, Peter Degraves was originally a convict, got granted a heap of land under the mountain and had ongoing battles with the authorities over water rights, they kept leap-frogging each other further up the Hobart Rivulet.

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    1. There’s all sorts of chimney pots and stacks that mostly aren’t used now. I wonder how many people notice them. I’m always looking at them but never stop to grab a shot!


      1. I’ve fallen behind a bit lately, down the the last dozen or so, time to get brewing again 😀 Like my photography, I like to experiment 😉 I generally prefer the dark Ales and Stouts.


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