More in miniature

Firstly a large green caterpillar with blue spots. That big mouth eats eucalyptus leaves and will eventually turn into a Helena Emperor Moth. More info.

Next, another surprise .. more blue! well, if your not sick of them yet. I finally went for a walk at night to see them and unfortunately no, Mycena interrupta don’t glow in the dark. 😦

Unedited phone photo featuring the OM-1. The fungi colour is real 🙂

I had the camera mode set to “vivid” colour, under exposed a step or two to preserve highlights and actually decreased the saturation in post after lifting the mid-tones to get these images looking more natural.

Instead of the usual in-camera focus stacking, the two photos above with limited focus are single shots and the last two (below) are three shots manually focus stacked.

Why? Because instead of using my cheap wired remote shutter – or a two second shutter delay to avoid any movement, I tried using the IO. Share app wirelessly … it doesn’t work with in camera focus stacking mode 😦

And lastly a little red fungi!

It’s supposed to rain here for a few days so I expect a flush of fresh fungi over the coming weekend as we deep dive into Autumn. In the meantime, I’ve stared writing my user review on the new OM-1 – which took these – which I should publish soon. There’s quite a bit to cover with so many features and I need to also put some sample images together so please be patient. All good things …. And it is a good thing 😀

Until next post … take care, have fun!

11 thoughts on “More in miniature

      1. We do, but I don’t think we have the bright colours you do. We have some bright orangey red ones but nothing brilliant like your blue ones. Ours tend to be more muted.

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      2. We have plenty of plain ones too, I tend to not photograph them unless it’s a nice group or composition. Found some black ones today and another Aesero Rubra! Bucketing down now at 8.30pm, supposed to be around 100mm of rain tomorrow!!

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  1. They all look like they glow in the dark. Cool caterpillar; so much detail! I even like the tiny red spider (which is a first for me as I’m not fond of spiders). 🙂


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