Midlands in mono

(6 images and some news!) – On our way to Mole Creek a few weeks ago, my wife drove the first shift up the Midlands Highway while it was daylight – and I stuck my head out the window like an eager dog, lapping up the late afternoon light with camera in hand.

I finally got around to some evening editing and decided to strip out the colour and turn up the contrast on some black and white quintessential Tasmanian Midland landscapes.

And the news? …
Last week I thought about getting a second camera body as a spare for the upcoming wedding. I started looking at second-hand EM1 Mark II’s as I have now, which can be had for about $800 – a bargain for such a great feature packed camera. It also occurred to me that it might be a good chance to perhaps upgrade, instead of buying the same body, so I started looking at and considering used EM5 III and EM1 III.

Earlier this month, Olympus – now OM System (or OM Digital Solutions, or Olympus-imaging?), launched their latest “flagship” camera, the digital OM-1 – 50 years after the original film OM-1 was launched – apparently the last camera to be branded “Olympus”. I started checking it out, watching early “ambassador reviews” and could see that it would be a big leap, with a new 4 layer sensor, much faster processor, way better focus tech, and most importantly for me, much better low light performance.

After my first drone (which is what started this blog), I’m now very hesitant to be one of the first to take up new unproven products. I considered and hunted around for a week while thinking about it. Local suppliers had none in stock, cheaper online Aust suppliers, none in stock, Olympus-imaging.com.au indicated they had it “Available: in stock”. I contacted them to confirm “We do have limited stock available on our online store”.

Still keen, but unsure, I tossed a coin and let fate decide … three times … three times heads. I ordered it today, excited and nervous.

Hopefully it will arrive early / mid next week to give me a week to set it up and get familiar before the wedding on April 2 … and maybe, hopefully, I won’t need to use a flash! In the meantime, my head will be firmly buried in the user manual 😀

Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoyed a little slice of paradise and if you want an honest, unbiased user review of the OM-1, and comparison to the EM1 Mark II stay tuned! I’m really hoping I won’t have much to complain about 😉

13 thoughts on “Midlands in mono

  1. I’ve been following the reviews of the new camera because of the stabilisation and the lighter weight – and also because when I would go to a local store and pick up the old EM M1 versions they always felt very good in the hand – the grip just felt right. But micro two thirds put me off – but then the colours are lovely – etc… and other thoughts that might not go anywhere.

    I look forward to your review and I hope the camera is all that you hope it is.

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    1. Hi David, I was late to the party with Olympus, purchasing an EM5 II as the III was launched, immediately loved it and quickly stepped up to the EM1 11. Ergonomics are great, nearly every button is customisable along with features like livecomp, pro-capture. I did look at the new G6 too which looks awesome and better if video is your main focus, but there’s something about the Oly DNA that’s hard to explain. I hope it carries through with the OM-1. I’ve never had an issue with the sensor size, but I’m not printing billboards. The savings in lens size and weight I think are well worth it.


    1. Thanks John, it’s a giant step up from anything I’ve shot with in the past, though not too different from the EM1 II. If it wasn’t for the wedding I wouldn’t have considered it but to get paid for photography has been an unrealised dream for so long, the doors are finally opening and I finally have the confidence 😀


    1. Hi Alessandra, the Midlands has been farmed for over 200 years and was kept relatively clear as grassland prior to that by the indigenous folk for hunting wallaby. I love the old trees, such hidden stories the must have. Sadly the solitary ones are slowly dying off.

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  2. One thing about b/w photos is that it makes us look at the shapes and lines. Somehow, colour can easily distracted our focus. The photos you have here all draw the eye to the lines that define the shapes or make patterns.
    I hope your new camera comes soon. You’ll be rushed to read all about it before the wedding job. Good luck with it.

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    1. Thanks Anneli, some of these images have beautiful late afternoon country colour in them too! I’m not sure why I made them all mono, something different and the mood I was in when I edited. I guess I’ve driven past these scenes so many times during my life, mono seems to convey more timelessness.

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