While I have some more slime-moulds to edit, I went for a mountain-bike ride instead last night on my own, returning home in the dark around 10 pm. It was a wonderful mild evening and although my intention was to take it easy, I got in the zone and pushed hard, riding nearly 16 km entirely through the bush. I paused below to grab this photo of the “Pitfall Track” on my way back up the hill when I saw the moon rising.

This morning I stumbled upon the “video” below (not mine), which is an audio recording of dawn at The Hobart Waterworks, in the same valley were I live, not very far below my home! While it’s only a still image, the sound quality is excellent and provides an insight into the birdsong I wake up to every morning – ideal for listening to as you end your day 🙂

I hope you enjoyed something a little different today and at least a small listen to the sounds of the Tasmanian bush. Thanks for visiting 😀

15 thoughts on “Biking and birds

    1. Hi Rebecca, I listened to a fair bit last night while nodding off, some were very subtle in the background like the owl, ravens, kookaburra and plover. The noisiest chirp was the little Straited Pardalote.


  1. Wow, such a beautiful sound to wake up to each day, Tone! Tasmania looks to be very mountainous. I’m impressed that you can ride a bike through that rough terrain, you must be in great shape! 🇦🇺

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    1. Hi John, Mt Wellington rises over 1200m behind Hobart (about 20km by road to the top). There are deep folds in the foothills creating beautiful forested valleys, so lots of ups and downs. Most of the tracks have been designed pretty well to ride in both directions but there are a few killers that put you to the test! I’ve certainly gotten fitter 😀


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