[10 images, part 1] – I’ve had an image or two in my head for several years now. Time, conditions and opportunity finally aligned, so I headed for the mountain. The weather was crap. Light drizzly rain, low cloud cover, the kind where you really don’t want to leave the warmth of you house, but for me, it was perfect for finally getting the photos I’d been dreaming of.

Driving in thick cloud, my first stop was Shoobridge Bend below The Springs on kunanyi / Mt Wellington for a mono shot.

While I was there some cars passed, so I switched the Olympus into LiveComp mode to chase some lights for something a little different.

Driving on past The Springs, the fog thickened further. Would it be too thick for what I had planned? This day I had no reason to rush, so continued on hopeful.

I parked and carefully walked the shortest (and steepest) route to my goal, beneath kunanyi’s magnificent dolerite cliffs known as “The Organ Pipes”.

I easily spent a few hours here, soaking in this absolutely magnificent place. As the mist cleared, thickened, hid completely and danced over the towering cliffs while listening to little birds chirp and flit about in the bushes, I watched and waited, enjoying every changing second, even the almost complete white-out I found myself in for some time.

The Amphitheatre

As the mist rolled in, I focused on the closer details. The Tasmanian Waratah here grow differently than that near Thark Ridge, being more protected from the harsher inclement westerly weather and hot afternoon sun, they enjoy a relatively more stable micro-climate.

For a while, I couldn’t see the dolerite columns below.

Keep an eye out for the next post or two to see what else was revealed during this afternoon of misty magic.

18 thoughts on “Pipe dream

    1. Thanks Timothy, when I looked at the results on the camera I wasn’t sure if I’d use it as I couldn’t get the exposure low enough in camera, but it edited up nicely from RAW on the PC.

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      1. Indeed! I stopped editing RAW when I switched to Olympus because the jpegs were so good, but now I’ve gone back to them. All of the shots in this series are RAW edits.

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    1. Thanks John, I’ve never thought of it like that before, the beast lurking in the mist!
      (Or are you talking about me – 😝)
      I rode 21km on some great rough trails yesterday, knee is going well 😃 I hope your back has recovered and you are powering on your new bike 🚴


  1. The dream-like quality is captured beautifully in all of these! The small “island” rising from the mist in the first photo is incredible. And then the aliens arrive in the second photo. 🙂 The water droplets on the waratah are amazing! What are the white plants in the next two photos? They look like the grow upside-own.

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    1. Thanks Morgaine, I love detail in my images so it was a challenge for me not to reveal too much in the mist when editing. I also hate blown out highlights and edited that first photo twice before I was happy 😆 Those aliens are quite noisy thundering through the forest!
      The white plants are light green lichen growing on tree branches. In the second last shot the appear to be fruiting (I guess) and I’d never seen them do that before.

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    1. Thanks Anneli, they sure are special and can be seen from almost everywhere in Hobart. A company is insisting they build a large cablecar over them but so far community resistance is winning, I think there is only one last avenue for them to appeal. Despite them being not that far from home, I don’t get up there very often, it is so worth the effort!

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