Tasmanian Waratah

[5 images, click to zoom] – I took a walk over the back of kunanyi / Mt Wellington above 1200m (more on that in the next post) and spotted a few endemic Tasmanian Waratah bushes (Telopea truncata) in flower amongst the stunted alpine vegetation.

Tasmanian Waratah beside Thark Ridge Track.
Looking toward “Dead Island” and Bruny Island in the distance.

Join me on the Thark Ridge Track in the next post, one of those walks I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid! Was it worth the wait? Find out soon.

17 thoughts on “Tasmanian Waratah

    1. Thanks Dan, There are 5 varieties on Waratah in Australia but Tasmania’s are unique. They only grow between 700-1200 metres in very few areas and usually require fire for the seeds to germinate.

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    1. Thanks Timothy, The only flower for about 6 weeks, these ones are almost done as they’re quite exposed. In a few posts time there will be some from another more sheltered area on the mountain which are exposed to less extremes.

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    1. Thanks John, These are in the family Proteaceae, one of the oldest species of plant on the planet which has existed for over 300 million years and localised only in the southern hemisphere. Just one of the weird things that make Tasmania so amazing 😀


    1. They’re in the same species to protea’s from South Africa – confined to the Southern Hemisphere, but I see what you mean, they do look similar to rhodo’s. Each stalk is actually an individual flower that makes up the head – I just learnt that 🙂

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    1. Thanks Morgaine, I just found out that each stalk (or snake) is a single flower that makes up the head – or floral bract. They are one of the oldest plant species on the planet, going back …. 300 million years!! Pretty and amazing!

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