Remarkable adventure

[9 images] – The Tasman Peninsula in Tasmania’s South East is a remarkable day trip from Hobart with the family, not only for the convict history of the Port Arthur area, but to enjoy the natural beauty of it’s coast line.

Tasman Arch
Tasman Peninsula
Devils Kitchen
Tasman Island
Remarkable view
Remarkable Cove
Remarkable Cave
Remarkable rocks
Incredibly remarkable rocks

22 thoughts on “Remarkable adventure

  1. Looking at the through to the far end of the ‘remarkable cave’ reminds me of the basalt columns in Fingal’s cave on Staffa, an island off the west coast of Scotland. When I was a kid, the BBC used to play Mendelssohn’s Fingal’s Cave during intervals – with film of the waves lashing the rocks. 🙂

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    1. Tasmania had many similarities to Scotland, we make good whiskey too
      🥃 At low tide in mild weather you can walk through this one, there’s a second cave opening to the left in that photo that you cant quite see from the tourist viewing platform I was on.

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    1. Thank you 😊 This is the coastline they would have seen from the arriving ships, looking inhospitable. It was paired with tales of the sea being full on man eating sharks and impenetrable forests full of savages to discourage swimming from the peninsula. The convicts probably thought they were building the prison not to keep themselves in, but to keep everything else out!


    1. Thanks Timothy, I’ve visited and photographed this area so many times over the years, this time I tried hard to see and capture it differently. It’s easy to gloss over things you’ve seen so many times.

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    1. Thanks John, I’ve been here many times since I was small. It’s changed from narrow rough gravel roads and hand hewn tracks to big asphalt carparks with viewing platforms and barriers for the tourists. There’s a few places where you can’t easily get to the best view now.

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      1. They’ve made it hard to jump the barrier now too, but it was a little dangerous with the waves and high tide that day to get any closer. Sometimes I’m sensible. Sometimes.


    1. Thanks Morgaine, Taken from a tourist viewing platform. There’s a better view of the cave branching to the left inside but you can’t easily get there anymore 😦 You used to be able to walk right through it at low tide.

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    1. I like to think so 😊 It’s extremely diverse . I get real holidays this year so hoping for a few extended trips up the west, north west and east coats!


    1. Thanks Rebecca, there’s some great place names around Tasmania. Two on my list are Devil’s Throne – about 45 mins walk from my next post on Thark Ridge, and Devil’s Gullet – which I visited last year but it was covered in cloud 😦 I’ll be up that way again in a couple of weeks so fingers crossed!


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