On ya’ bike …

Finally back on the bike, but very gently does it! After a few short rides over the last week firstly just on the flat drive, then around my house, then a few slow 3km rides along our road, Evan and I went for a leisurely 18 km ride along the Pipeline Track.

No bumps or jumps, a gentle uphill pedal in with 150m ascent and almost a roll home, we averaged 12.5km an hour.

Looking across to Cathedral Rock.

The knee’s recovering slowly but feeling really good on the bike, it was great to get back in the saddle on the new steed.

Scott Genius at our destination, a waterfall on the North-West River.

10 thoughts on “On ya’ bike …

    1. It’s a beautiful steep valley where some of Hobart’s water supply is collected just below that waterfall and fed through a pipe – under the track 🙂


  1. I’m glad that you are back on the bike, Tone! That’s a unique-looking bike, looks nice. My back has been out hence I lost some riding time until yesterday on the new E-Bike I picked up three weeks ago. Happy riding!

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    1. Thanks John, we’re in a strangely similar boat! I can recommend a good chiropractor but it would take a bit of getting here 😉 Our borders opened to mainland Aus 🇦🇺 today for the first time in nearly two years! I’m not sure whether to celebrate 🎉 or be scared 😱 Hope your back improves.

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      1. Thanks, Tone, I’m walking with a cane now which is wonderful. I’d be a bit wary and scared of the border opening, just keep your mask on, hand sanitiser handy and be careful!

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    1. Thanks Dan 😊 It’s pretty and almost flat, a great ride for families with young kids. I prefer something a little more adventurous, but slow steps 😀 The knee feels good today 👍

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